Sunday, 27 November 2011

How do you get more Twitter followers?

A good question you may well ask.

You may think that it is as simple as just following anyone you like who are already Tweeting on the site.

What you are looking for is targeted visitors to your sites and Blogs / Hub Pages or whatever you have going on the internet.
I tried the follow the anyone route and believe me it does not have the desired effect you are looking for for your business.

A tip I was given by a Blogging pro is to follow around 1000 of the followers of the top Blogger / Tweeter within your given Niche. This will give you a good chance of getting the type of visitor to your sites that you require....and plenty of them.

All you have to do is be able to provide the right quality content to keep the coming back for more on a regular basis. Sounds so simple doesn't it? In theory it is, but most people reading this will think to themselves yeah yeah sounds like a lot of hard work so I will do my version of it. 

If you do your version of it the information gets watered down and then you don't get the effect you are looking for and then give up.
If you are looking to grow your Blogs then do this one thing then come back and get further information.

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